Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms

Property & Related Dispute


  • Disputes related to lease contracts between the landlord/tenant; issues related to the damage of properties, valuation, and breach of agreement.
  • Issue of recovery/repossession of property.
  • Matters relating to Administration of Estates.
  • Issues of joint venture and equity structure.



  • All disputes arising from or relating to Customer Banking Relationship.


Real Estate and Construction

The Firm engages in various aspects of Property Law including the preparation and perfection of Leases, Tenancy Agreements, Assignments, Transfers, Mortgages, and in obtaining governmental consent and approvals incidental to these transactions.

The Firm also has experience in investigating and deducting title and in-title registration, as well as the preparation of Building Agreements and Contractor Finance Contracts. We also deal with Land Litigations, Compensation Claims, and Land Dispute Settlements.